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Emotive Virtual Patient

Emotive Virtual Patient

Emotive Virtual Patient project aim to develop efficient cognitive based evolutionary response and behaviorism for virtual humans, that are in line with psychological factor while dealing with a human subject.

Dr. Marjorie Zielke leads the research work at VHSS for the Emotive Virtual Reality Patient, which aims at creating a platform which will offer high-quality simulations, known as emotive Virtual Reality Patients, which can exhibit medical symptoms to help medical students improve their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Project is cornerstone in creating virtual robots that can either work in tandem, or in some cases, replace the need for medical mannequins often used in educational scenarios. The advantage of a training simulation is its potential to physically emulate what symptoms the patient is presenting. Research work has received two grants — one each from Southwestern Medical Foundation and the National Institutes for Health — to fuel ongoing research into virtual reality-based medical experiences.

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