jithin pradeep Cognitive Research Scientist | Artificial general intelligence enthusiast

About Me

I am a Cognitive scientist, who is on the lookout for a better understanding of how neural commotion can shape machine intelligence and memory networks. More recently, I have been converging my work to the multidisciplinary realm of cognitive science to develop artificial neural network models design that is consistent with cognitive theories of how our brain works. I hold a Master of Science degree in Applied Cognitive and Neuroscience(School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences-UTDallas) and a Bachelor of technology degree in Computer science and Engineering(Cochin University of Science and Technology).

Presently, I work at Vanguard as Research Scientist. Before to this, I was working at Virtual Humans and Synthetic Societies Lab at UT Dallas as Research Engineer, on various research work (including mixed reality, Deep learning-based network architecture for NLP, emotion research) with Dr. Marjorie A. Zielke. After completing my Bachelor in Computer Science and Engg., I joined Accenture (2012-2016) where I worked as Software Engineering Sr. Analyst within Capital market, Banking, and payment domains.

In my personal time, I work on Data Science and ML projects utilizing Deep learning methods with application to cognitive data modeling, and development of data visualization methods in mixed reality setup. I like to generate new-fangled concepts/hypothesis and formulate possible explanations for related complications of my near thoughts. I am always interested in learning opportunities that will allow me to use my various skills to dynamically transform and promote cognition based research in the benefits of humanity specifically helping small children’s.