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brain clock is impressively accurate

Brain’s clock is impressively accurate, it does allows us to detect the passage of time, a skill which so important to understand the change. Brain clock is believed to be in hypothalamus region, its wonderful isn’t it? It understand our age, well knows when are we mature. One interesting fact I read recently was how a baby’s heart rate during the initial time of pregency was in sync with the mother’s brain (ECG of baby and EEG was compared in the study). The research made me think with heart being the first organ to develop and connection between the baby’s heart to mother’s brain Somehow it could be our heart which start or initialize the clock and even more, I tend to belive there might lie deep connection with the heart, brain and the internal clock.

Check this interesting article out : http://neurosciencestuff.tumblr.com/post/152483739719/human-brain-clocks-exposed-effects-of-circadian I would love to write my view on it. I am gonna write-up more in time and would include the research article connecting heart and brain of baby and mother. I just love these kind of study where you can just unleash your brain and where creativity does not have any limit.